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Ana Reading is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring Mormons I've ever met. Born to a semi-functional family in Switzerland, Ana clung to Mormonism as a source of strength and comfort. Ana served an LDS mission in Ireland, went to BYU, married a devout American Mormon in the temple (Bill Reading), had four children, sacrificed her career to live the Mormon dream, and served in high-level ward callings (while Bill served twice as branch president/bishop). 

Ana's Mormon dream was disrupted when she began feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed at church, and then ultimately learned about the church's troubling historical past. Ana's story concludes with struggles to survive a mixed faith marriage (facing Bill's sadness and disappointment), reconstruct a relationship with her faithful children, and pursue a happy, healthy life outside of the church. 

“Alright to Be You” is a collaboration song by electronic musician, Milocraft, and singer-songwriter, Angela Soffe. Raised in the LDS Church, both are returned missionaries, and each chose to leave the Church when faced with a faith crisis. In 2018 they founded the “Be Moved Project” to create music that helps people feel happy and connected. To hear more music or support the project by becoming a patron, please visit:

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