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Join us today on Mormon Stories as we interview both Sean and Crystal Escobar to learn about their faith journey out of Mormonism. Sean recently made national newswhen he revealed a recording he made as he confronted his abuser as a child, Sterling Van Wagenen—co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival and director of many LDS Church-produced films, including the films shown in LDS temples.

This portion of the interview focuses on Sean and Crystal's faith journey and will include themes such as:

  • Their Mormon background including their experiences in the church as youth and as missionaries
  • How guilt and shame from transgressions as a youth impacted Sean's mission and outlook on life
  • Sean and Crystal's difficult experiences with the repentance process affected their early marriage
  • How discovering a calling Sean had received was uninspired by his priesthood leader greatly shook his faith
  • How Crystal's experience with Mormon Stories helped her be more empathetic towards Sean's struggles with his faith and church leadership
  • How leaving the LDS Church has caused a new awakening in their marriage and family as they reevaluate their relationship, their parenting, and their new moral code for living

...and so much more.


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