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JT & Lady Cee were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses from the age of five years old. Lady Cee was a regular pioneer and went to serve where the need is great with her pioneer partners. JT served at Brooklyn Bethel and was an elder in the local congregation.

After spending a combined 60 years of Watchtower indoctrination, they discovered that something was seriously wrong with the 1914 teaching. This led them to doing more research and after reading Crisis of Conscience by former Governing Body Member Raymond Franz, they faded from the organization. JT & Lady Cee realize the importance of giving back to help those they left behind. Therefore, in 2013, they began hosting the Critical Thought podcast on the EXJW Critical Thinker YouTube channel. Their decision to join their voice with the community of other Ex-JW activists is resulting in many happy endings as individuals begin waking up and learning the real truth about “The Truth.”

Learn more about them on their website and other social media outlets.

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