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Taylor Knuth-Bishop was an active LDS Church member and seminary graduate who considered himself "heterosexual with same-sex attraction" until he met the love of his life, Sean Knuth-Bishop. Taylor and Sean fell in love and were eventually legally married during the now-famous 2014 Grammy performance wherein Macklemore, Madonna, and Queen Latifa married 33 same-sex couples during the performance of "Same Love."

Taylor and Sean have been living a happy life in New York City in the theatre industry, but recently (after moving home for the summer) Taylor was contacted by his LDS bishop and informed that he will be tried in a disciplinary council for the simple act of being legally same-sex married to Sean.  This is Taylor's story.

  • Here is a link to the engagement video mentioned in the interview:




  • Here is a link to the 2014 Grammy wedding ceremony.




  • Here is the letter Taylor received from his bishop, Morgan J. Roberts.



  • Information about Taylor's Art program for LGBT youth and young adults:


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