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Noah Rasheta is the CEO of iStabilizer, and the founder of Secular Buddhism podcast.  

Noah was raised in the LDS church with a U.S.-born father and a Mexican-born mother - living many years of his life both in Mexico and in the United States. Noah served an LDS mission and was married in an LDS temple to his wife, Giselle.  Several years ago Noah experienced a major betrayal of trust by a loved one, which led to a deep exploration of Joseph Smith, LDS Church doctrine, and LDS Church history.  By the end of his exploration, Noah lost his belief in fundamental LDS Church doctrine and truth claims, but found great solace and strength in the teachings of secular Buddhism.  

Today Noah remains semi-active in the LDS church as part of a mixed-faith marriage, and teaches the principles of Secular Buddhism via his podcast, his new book, and occasional workshops.  For those seeking to either supplement or replace LDS-based spirituality, or who are looking for a fabulous framework for positive mental health and well-being (before, during, or after a religious faith crisis) the teachings of Secular Buddhism can be extremely valuable for you.

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