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In this three-part interview, we honor Grant Palmer, former LDS seminary/institute instructor, and author of "An Insider's View of Mormon Origins" - which provides a plausible explanation for how the Book of Mormon was authored by Joseph Smith.

This interview has three parts:

Part 1: Grant reflects on his experience authoring An Insider's View of Mormon origins, discusses his disfellowshipment and ultimate decision to resign from the LDS (after threats of excommunication).  Grant also reflects upon the impact of An Insider's View on the LDS church.

Part 2: Grant discusses his new, yet-to-be-published book, "Restoring Christ."  Within the book he discusses why he continues to believe, how he justifies belief in Christ and the Bible after losing faith in the LDS church and in the Book of Mormon, what the atonement does and doesn't mean to him, how he deals with the God of the Old Testament, etc.  He also discusses in-depth his conversation with an LDS general authority who claims that modern LDS apostles receive $1 million once they become apostles, and that many of them do not believe the LDS church to be true (a claim that I challenge).

Part 3: Participants in the evening share with Grant what his work has meant to them.  In addition, Tyler Glenn (Neon Trees) sings two songs in honor of Grant from his new album, Excommunication.

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