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SUPER honored/proud to release my latest interview with Heidi Nielson Packard and Dr. Josh Packard. This powerful, informative, and in-depth interview covers:

  • Heidi and Josh’s very orthodox Mormon upbringing and early years as Mormons. For those interested, Heidi’s brother is Christian Nielson, who is married to Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues blog (sister to Courtney Clark Kendrick or CJane)
  • Their faith crisis involving science and LDS history (reading Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling), which resulted in Josh asking to be released from the bishopric,
  • How Heidi and Josh found value in secular humanism as a way to raise their children after Mormonism,
  • How the military community has helped to meet there social needs after leaving Mormonism, and
  • How they overcame early “mistakes” in communicating with believing family, resulting in more loving, respectful relationships with believing family members today.
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