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Continuing our series on “Losing the Lamanites,” we interview Sarah Newcomb who descends from the Tsimshian of the NW Coastal Tribes. In this interview we cover:

*How Sarah struggled as a youth knowing that she came from the ‘Lamanites,’ who had turned their backs on God.
*How she worked her way through college in Rexburg, ID, acquired a degree in Communications/Journalism, and how her new knowledge around sourcing served as an impetus to her questioning her faith.
*How her husband ignored the Mormon admonition against interracial marriage, out of love for Sarah.
*Her avoidance of dancing (and other native customs), as they were practiced by the ’Lamanites’ in the Book of Mormon.
*Her avoidance of the sun, as a way to ensure that her skin would stay as light as possible.
*How she used her knowledge of sourcing (seeking original documentation) to discover many of the problems with LDS church history and doctrine, all before discovering the CES Letter.
*How Mormon Stories Podcast validated her feelings, and provided strength and a sense of community during her faith transition.
*How she now embraces her life in the sun, and is on a journey to connect to the heritage and identity she felt forced to distance herself from while a member of the LDS Church.

We thank Sarah for sharing her powerful, beautiful story and know that it will touch lives!

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