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In this episode of Mormon Stories and Mormon Transitions, John and Margi reflect back on their 13 years of experience as semi- and non-believers and provide their advice on how to successfully navigate activity in the LDS Church.  Some of the topics discussed are:

*Advice on how to determine whether church attendance is a healthy option for you and your family

*Living the “Law of Tithing” in a way that is meaningful to you

*Focusing on teaching lessons about truths that resonate with you, and less on the topics that trouble you as they most likely will be covered many other times

*How to respond to inquiries about your activity status from fellow ward members

*Setting boundaries and expectations when given a calling

*Protecting your children by having an open discussion after church that allows them to safely process and talk through the information 

*Building social credit in your ward to spend thoughtfully when the time arrives

*Advice on how to ethically navigate the temple recommend interview

*Answering the question “can you be honest and ethical in staying?”

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