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Continuing our series on “Losing the Lamanites,” we interview Gabriel Misla who originated from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  We cover:

  • Gabriel’s experience joining the Church as a young man in the island territory and his eventual immigration to the mainland US
  • His mission service to the Dominican Republic, and the cultural nuances between the two islands that heightened his sensitivity to how race is viewed in the LDS Church
  • How he came to terms with his sexuality and his experience as a gay Latter-day Saint, including spending time in Evergreen
  • His reminiscence of elation of being from the tribe of Ephraim in his patriarchal blessing because  it meant he was more like his white Utah missionary companions—and now his regret over how his thinking was influenced by the Church’s views on race
  • His thoughts and feelings over the Book of Mormon’s still accepted views on Lamanites and race, and what he feels the Church should do
  • His vision and plans for the future as a post-Mormon still living in Utah
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