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In this special edition of Mormon Stories, we interview Mel and Stu Brown from Cache Valley, Utah. Many of our listeners will find Mel and Stu’s experience as a mixed-faith couple inspiring  and full of wisdom as they share how they navigated differing beliefs—eventually leading to the decision to both leave the LDS Church.

We cover:

  • Mel’s upbringing in the LDS Church and how she never wavered in keeping the standards expected of her
  • Stu’s efforts to be clean and worthy to go on a mission and how his experience as a missionary in Oklahoma solidified his testimony
  • How Mel and Stu met and formed a life as a pair of successful entrepreneurs
  • How Stu’s testimony began to waver the deeper he studied the scriptures, and how he made the decision to share his growing doubts with Mel from the beginning
  • Why Stu made the decision to resign from the LDS Church
  • How Mel reacted to Stu’s doubts by listening and not judging—utilizing Impact training she had previously received
  • Mel’s growing realization that the gospel was not brining her the happiness she had been promised
  • How Mel and Stu have molded a new life and share advice for couples who are experiencing a mixed-faith marriage and faith transition
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