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Our special Christmas Morning release on Mormon Stories Podcast includes an interview with Tom Christofferson about his book “That We May Be One.”

Tom shares the story of voluntary excommunication from the LDS Church in order to live his life as a gay man—a life that included a fulfilling relationship with a partner and acceptance from his family including brother D. Todd Christofferson—Apostle in the LDS Church.  Sensing a void in his spiritual life, Tom began attending a local meetinghouse of the Church with the support of its leadership. Over time his relationship with his partner ended and his relationship with the Church began again.

We ask Tom about his experience outlined in his book and delve deeper into the impacts his returning to the church had on his relationship with his partner, and on his spiritual self.  We also ask Tom tougher questions about whether his brother’s apostleship affords him greater privilege as a member of the Mormon LGBTQ community, his thoughts on the November 2015 policy on children of same-sex parents denied baptism, and his being held up as a role model (intended or not) for Mormon LGBTQ youth to choose a life of celibacy in the LDS Church.

We thank Tom for this fascinating interview and hope it furthers the conversation on reconciling sexuality with faith!

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