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Based on the success of our recent Mormon Stories Conference in New York City, we have decided to organize several local, Facebook-based communities of support for what we like to call uncorrelated (or intellectual/feminist/gay/politically liberal/inactive/post/ex) Mormons. We have already created 32 groups, and hope to establish a support group for every major city/region in the world. The idea behind each group will be to: 1) foster local, face-to-face communities of support for non-traditional Mormons, and 2) help to encourage healthy/constructive living amongst those for whom the traditional LDS Church experience is not adequate. Note: this is NOT meant to replace the LDS church experience. Instead, it is meant to augment the church experience (for those who still attend), or to provide community support for those who no longer feel comfortable attending church. Some ideas we are hoping to foster include: Monthly local meet-ups Book clubs/study groups Weekly play groups for children Annual youth conferences for teens College groups for Mormon university students (BYU/UVU and USU already created!) A dating service Service projects Annual conferences/retreats Etc. If you are interested in any of this, please check out our existing groups for a group near you. If you would like to start your own local support group, please email us at:
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