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Are you looking for friends and community after leaving Mormonism or organized religion? The THRIVE initiative seeks to do just that - provide events, content, and community for people leaving Mormonism and/or organized religion.

Prior to the COVID outbreak, considerable momentum was made with THRIVE in the organizing of events for post-Mormons, and in the formation of live, face-to-face communities. THRIVE leaders Jeni and Clint Martin are now excited to announce several new exciting THRIVE initiatives which include:

- A revamped website with new functionality.
- A THRIVE events calendar to keep you informed of upcoming events.
- Instructions for how you can organize your own THRIVE events.
- An "in -person community locator" to help you find a local, face-to-face support communities, and
- Instructions for creating your own face-to-face community if one doesn't exist in your area.
We will also discuss future plans for THRIVE.


Online groups/resources:
WACA (Women of a Certain Age)
Faith Journey Meetups fb group
Ex Mormon Reddit
Mormon Stories facebook group
Mormon Enlightenment facebook group
Mormon Spectrum

Faith Crisis Resources:

Natasha’s events

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