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GrimshawElizabeth Grimshaw was raised Mormon. She knew she was lesbian as a teenager, but spent her earl years (teens and 20s) attempting to date men and to marry a man. In her early 30s, after many attempts to be "straight," she came out as a lesbian, stopped attending the LDS church, and began dating women. Elizabeth found a committed partner 10 years ago, and married her partner 8 years ago. They are currently raising a daughter.

Even though Elizabeth has not attended an LDS congregation since her early 30s, she was recently approached by her bishop (whom she'd never met) in her driveway, and told that: 1) she needed to pray to God about whether or not to leave her wife and child, and that 2) if she wouldn't divorce her wife and child, that she would face excommunication from the LDS church. 

This is Elizabeth's story.

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