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The Mama Dragons group consists of almost 1,000 Mormon, post-Mormon, and now never-Mormon women who are dedicated to:

1) Loving their LGBT children.
2) Preventing LGBT youth suicide.
3) Supporting parents of LGBT children to better love and support their children.
4) Rescuing rejected LGBT children from homelessness and abuse.
5) Attending funerals of deceased LGBT youth in support of the surviving families.

The Mama Dragons Story Project attempts to collect portraits and autobiographical essays from mothers with LGBT children for their children.

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In this episode Dr. John Dehlin and Lindsay Hansen Park (Feminist Mormon Housewives, Sunstone, Year of Polygamy, Color of Heaven) host a panel discussion about rape within Mormon culture.  The panel features Aubri Parameter, an assault survivor, Kathryn Jones-Porter, a victim's advocate in Salt Lake County, and Donna Kelly, who has worked as a prosecutor for the last twenty-four years, devoting much of her time to working with victims of sex crimes.

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In this episode 5 Mormons (Dr. Jana Riess, Dr. Kristy Money, Samy Galvez, Derrick Clements, and Samantha Louise Shelley) discuss, explore, and interpret Tyler Glenn's new and controversial music video entitled "Trash."

Trash Video:

Trash Lyrics:

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In December, 2015 Mormon Stories interviewed Clay Christensen and his brother-in-law Matt Elggren about Matt's loss of LDS faith in 2003, and Clay's subsequent loss of LDS faith in October of 2015 after 50 years active LDS membership, and after 7 years as a high-level LDS Church employee.

In April, 2016 Clay was contacted by his stake president and invited to a disciplinary council to be excommunicated for apostasy.  This is Clay's update since his December, 2015 interview.

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