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We are a group of women 40+ with longer life experiences. We are grandmothers, mothers, aunts, single, divorced, widowed or married. We are LGBT friendly and feminists! Many of us are just learning feminism. Having felt the pain of patriarchy, but not having a “language” to describe our experiences, we are giving ourselves permission to flourish and grow with no limitations or constructs.

Many of us are at the beginning of a life we never imagined. We have had to make tough decisions, been tried by our choices, and some of us have lost important connections along the way. Being of a “certain age” makes it harder to make friends and to find a community of like-minded souls with whom to move forward with love, joy and friendship. We realize that our decisions can affect many generations, so our time is spent fostering relationships with our loved ones and excelling in our careers, businesses, and at home, all of which leaves little time and opportunity to make new friends.

This group is for “women of a certain age” or lovingly called WOCA (Wah-kah). We also have a group for “women of a certain age” and under. This age group, affectionally known as the UNDERS is from 30-40. The final group under the umbrella of WOCA are the COCAs. These are “Couples of a Certain Age” for those wishing to participate as couples. And housed inside of COCA is the “men only” group which meet regularly in men-only events.

WOCA activities are NOT within the paradigm of our former religious background, although themes from our lived experiences may come up. We have transitioned from our former organized religious choices and wish to create wonderful spaces where ALL people with commonalities can come together, share and find community.

If you would like to join us, please contact, from the list below, the appropriate person from your geographical area by way of Facebook messenger.

Wasatch (The Mother Ship): Christine Elkington & Kim Turner
COCA: Brett Nord
UNDERS: Ruth Tyson
Phoenix: Amy Grubbs
Boston: Amy Grubbs
Las Vegas: Christine Elkington
Bay Area: Kim Turner
Texas: Lisa Keyes
So-Cal: Lisa Durtschi
Idaho: Lisa Keyes
Sacramento: Lisa Keyes
Seattle: Nicole Bruderer
Cedar City/St. George: Nicole Bruderer
Denver: Ruth Tyson
Florida: Kim Turner
Oregon: Kim Turner

And if where you live isn’t on the list, please join our ONLINE group and be with women around the world just like you!

ONLINE: Kim Turner & Christine Elkington

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