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Friends who are: 1) struggling with a Mormon faith crisis, 2) in a Mormon mixed-faith marriage, or 3) struggling with marriage/family issues relating to a Mormon faith crisis

As my time is super limited (working on a book!), and my individual faith crisis coaching practice is filled to the brim, AND as I realize that for some people hourly coaching can be pricey - I would like to experiment with a format of doing faith crisis mini-workshops in the Utah/Idaho/Arizona/Colorado areas (or others if interested). This would allow me to support more people, and would allow people within a specific area to make friends and build deeper connections who are close by (thus fostering community).

The format would be as follows:

- Size of group: 10-12 people, couples and/or individuals welcome.
- Date/Time: Any 6 hour block, weekday, weeknight, or weekend.
- Possible Topics: Navigating a Mormon faith transition, tips for positive Mental Health, healthy marriages/relationships, communicating with believing family and friends, finding community and/or spirituality during and after a faith crisis, etc. (Basically whatever the group wants to cover)
- Location: I could travel to where the group is, or we could find a central location.
- Cost: $250/person (6 hours of coaching for around the cost of 1 hour of coaching).

It would be particularly meaningful to target specific areas and bring people together who live close to each other (e.g., Alpine, S. Jordan, Provo, Orem, Logan, Ogden, Davis County, SLC, Boise, St. George, Cedar City, Spanish Fork, Park City, Heber/Midway, etc.)

If any of you are interested in hosting/organizing such an event, please message me. I would love to support you in this way, and help build local friendships/community at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

John Dehlin, Ph.D.

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