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Friends - If you or someone you love is in need of support during a Mormon Faith Crisis, I am SUPER excited to announce our Mormon Faith Crisis event calendar for the first part of 2019. Dates/locations are:

- 2/13: Salt Lake City (Free!)
- 2/15-2/16: Orem, UT
- 2/22-2/23: Las Vegas, NV
- 3/8-3/9: Ogden/Davis County, UT
- 4/12-4/13: Mixed Faith Marriage (SLC)
- 5/3-5/5: Gilbert, AZ
- 6/7-6/9: Salt Lake City Conference
- 6/21-6/23: Europe/Switzerland
- 8/9-8/11: Ft. Collins, Colorado
- 9/20-9/22: Orange County, CA
- 10/4-10/6: TBD
- 11/1-11/2: Mixed Faith Marriage (SLC)

To register for any of these events, go to:

If you cannot afford to pay the registration fee for these events but want to attend, please fill out our scholarship application form and we will do our best to find a donor to fund your attendance. PLEASE don't let $$$ keep you from attending these events!

Hope to see you all soon!

John Dehlin

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