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Given the high demand for coaching support right now and the cash crunch being felt by everyone, I am putting together two weekly online Mormon faith transition support groups: one for individuals, and one for couples.

I am limiting the individual group to 8 people, and the couples group to 4 couples.

There are three main benefits to support groups:
1) They are more effective, mostly because you get input/support/ideas/motivation from an entire group.
2) They last longer (1.5 hours/week instead of 1 hour/week).
3) They are cheaper.

Topics for these groups will include:

- Navigating a faith crisis.
- Navigating relationships with believing family and friends.
- Improving mental health.
- Improving marriage/relationships.
- Parenting.
- Building a new, healthy life after a faith crisis.
- Whatever else folks want/need.

I have a Ph.D. in clinical and counseling psychology with 6 years of training in group therapy - and will be moderating these support groups. Margi may join us from time to time, depending on topic.

You will sign up for an automatic, weekly payment. The cost is $40/week/individual, and $80/week/couple. We will establish a regular meeting day/time once the group is filled. We will meet online, viz Zoom.

This is the registration page for the individual group.

If you know anyone who might benefit from this group, please spread the word.

Email for any questions at:

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