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As part of our ongoing series on 21st century Mormonism outside of the United States, today we interview Douglas Stilgoe. Douglas is a 23 year old, 3rd generation Mormon raised in Warwickshire, England (Coventry England Stake).
Douglas' story is interesting for many reasons:
  • He discusses life as a Mormon in the UK in the 2000's.
  • He was raised in the same area as Tom Phillips, the high-ranking Mormon church leader in the U.K. who lost his faith and left the church AFTER receiving his 2nd anointing.
  • His story explores how painful and damaging Mormonism can be on families when a parent loses their faith.
  • He discusses his own very recent loss of faith as a young adult in the U.K., after being a very devout believing youth (just over the past year).
For more information on Tom Phillips and the 2nd Anointing, see here.
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