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Warren Driggs is a part-time attorney and author of several books including “Mormon Boy: A Memoir” and “Swimming in Deep Water, A Novel of Joseph Smith”. In this delightful interview, we sit down with Warren and his wife Cindy as they take us through the different fascinating ways their families raised them in Salt Lake City ranging from orthodox Mormons to casual, but intellectual, members of the church.

Listen along as they share their hilarious stories, impart beautiful insights, and the lessons they learned raising moral children after leaving the religion they loved in the heart of Mormon Mecca.

Show notes:

“Mormon Boy: A Memoir” by Warren Driggs

“Swimming in Deep Water, A Novel of Joseph Smith” by Warren Driggs

“A Tortoise in the Road” by Warren Driggs

“Old Scratch” by Warren Driggs

“No Man Knows My History” by Fawn Brodie

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