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A strong trigger warning for the following episode for discussions around conversion therapy, descriptions of torture, anorexia, and suicide. Mormon Stories is honored to have conversion therapy survivor, suicide survivor, and LGBT+ advocate Nate Winterton on to tell their harrowing story. If you thought the days of Mormon electroshock torture were relics of the past, Nate recounts what they endured at the hands of an LDS “therapist” as recently as 2016. Growing up with enormous health challenges, Nate recognized feelings of same-sex attraction early on in their childhood.

We discuss Nate’s staunch commitment to the Mormon faith, anorexia while serving a mission, and Nate’s decision to confide in a bishop about their feelings for men, leading Nate to a house and a therapist that would change the course of their life.

Please practice self-care as you listen to this episode as we highlight the unfortunate reality that the practice of conversion therapy and torture to change the sexual orientation of gay Mormons continues still today.

**Trigger warning on this episode***


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