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Join us for two unique Mormon Stories as John Dehlin & Samantha Shelley interview Tommy & Madison Johnson. Tommy made fans and haters on both sides of belief when he hit the TikTok scene during COVID with funny skits on the peculiarities of Mormonism. What viewers couldn't see was that Tommy was struggling to know how to deal with many of the messier topics in Church History as well as the darker sides of modern Mormon doctrines such as the stance against the LGBTQ+ community, which includes his own sister, while ALSO navigating his mixed-faith marriage with Madison who stopped believing entirely after their Temple Marriage. Madison describes her life as having been "born into a faith crisis" due to stigma and family shame around being conceived out of wedlock by a teen mother. Madison's struggles with the faith continued through most of her life despite her levels of activity/involvement in the Church, even through her Temple Marriage with Tom. Madison leaves the Church upon finding the CES letter and she and Tommy work through what this will mean for their marriage, and even end up on an episode of the podcast "Marriage on a Tightrope" with Katie & Allan Mount. They finish off with where the couple is at today and how life is going since all of the changes they've been through. Guests:

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