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Cracks start to form in the testimony and identities of both Liz and her husband Sam. Sam begins to question the narratives he was raised with after a trip to Palmyra and as his degree opens his eyes to the cold, corporate nature of the Church, while Liz struggles to keep her faith despite the growing number of things that feel so wrong and cause so much harm not just to Liz, but her marriage, children, extended family, community, and even the nation at large. Liz recognizes how much of herself she continually denied and gave up trying to belong and finally realizes that she no longer WANTS to belong to an organization at such odds with her nature and values. 

Liz's Resignation Letter

Episode Show Notes

Liz Lambson is a Korean/African American artist, musician, and writer, and - along with her spouse Sam - is a parent to five boys residing in Salt Lake City. Liz performs as a string bassist with the Ballet West Orchestra as well as the children’s singer-songwriter Lizzy Luna, the creator of the music-and-movement program Yoga Storytime & Songs. Liz performed for and toured with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square for several years.  She released her first album of original children’s yoga music, Reach to the Sky, in 2018. Her writing has been featured in publications including the New Era and the New York Times.
As an active member of Utah’s arts and culture community, Liz formerly served as the Executive Director of the Utah Black History Museum. Her artwork is featured on Salt Lake City’s Black Lives Matter mural at City Hall. Liz is also an aspiring film actress.
In her spare time she enjoys needlework, gardening, road trips, and Scrabble.

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