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Join us as we discuss surprises, let downs, best talks, worst talks etc in this year’s April General Conference, where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) listen to messages from top leaders in the Church. What were the real intentions and messages behind this year’s talks? Did they address the recent scandals & controversy regarding the SEC fine for fraudulently creating shell companies to hide its wealth from members and the public? Was anything missing that we would normally expect to hear?

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As our first test run (pre-pilot), we review the April 2023 LDS Church General. Specific topics include:
– Our intentions for Mormon News Weekly Podcast.
– We introduce ourselves.
– Peacemakers Needed | Russell M. Nelson | April 2023 General Conference.
– The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told | Gary E. Stevenson | April 2023 General Conference
– Do You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ? | Ahmad S. Corbitt | April 2023
– Mormon Church to pay fine to settle charges it hid an approximately $32 billion investment fund
– SEC Cease and Desist Order Against the LDS Church for Securities Deception.
– SEC Charges The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Its Investment Management Company for Disclosure Failures and Misstated Filings
– Church Auditing Department Report, 2022 | April 2023 General Conference

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