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Content Warning: Discussions of @‌buse of children, including ince$t.

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The Kingston Group, founded by Elden Kingston, has a complex hierarchy where Ortell emerged as a leader, introducing incestuous practices. From bloodline beliefs linking them to Jesus to intricate rules dictating marriages, the Order's control over its members is striking.

In this gripping interview with Amanda Rae, we dive deep into the secretive world of The Order, exploring its history, shocking practices, and the personal experiences of those raised within it. Amanda unveils the manipulation and trauma faced by women, the indoctrination of children in their schools, and the stark realities of life under polygamous marriages.

Revealing her own journey, Amanda shares her struggle for freedom and the challenges faced after leaving. Her recounting of institutionalized financial fraud, emotional manipulation, and attempts to break free from The Order's grip are both heart-wrenching and eye-opening. Tune in for an insider's perspective, confronting the darker aspects of cults, survival after leaving, and the ongoing healing process.

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