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In this wide-ranging interview, Sandra Tanner discusses her complex history with D. Michael Quinn, from being arch-enemies due to their clashing views on Mormon history, to gaining an appreciation for Quinn's tireless research into difficult aspects of LDS history, even as she remains puzzled by his persistent belief in Mormonism despite uncovering many factual problems. Sandra highlights Quinn's lifelong quest to reconcile his faith with the uncomfortable realities he uncovered, his struggles with Church leadership over his historical writings, the irony of him publishing an anti-Tanner pamphlet, and the sadness of his eventual excommunication which rejected both him as a person due to his sexuality and his meticulously researched historical analysis which the Church disliked. Ultimately, Sandra expresses a wish that Quinn was still alive to have an open discussion given their intertwined, conflicted past.

Chosen Path: A Memoir: Quinn, D. Michael |

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