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In our final hour with Dr. Claudia Bushman, she discusses early 20th Century Mormon women, again through writings from this era. Dr. Bushman also shares her perspective on the present and future of Mormonism, and provides some encouragement to the discouraged. In her summary, she asks our sisters to consider remaining engaged in the LDS church, even as times get tough. There is hope — and perhaps more writing, meaningful projects and steely determination are key ingredients.If you happen enjoy/appreciate Claudia’s interviews, please do email me so I can pass the word along. I’m quite sure Dr. Bushman will appreciate hearing from you.
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A discussion with Dr. Claudia Bushman of 19th and Early 20th Century Mormon women, through the writings of 10 women of this era.
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Today it is time to hear from one of the foremost voices on Women's Issues within Mormonism: Dr. Claudia Bushman. Dr. Bushman is a historian by training, and has taught at Columbia University for many years. She is the author of several books and articles, including:"Mormon Sisters: Women of Early Utah" and"Mormon Domestic Life in the 1870s: Pandemonium or Acadia". Perhaps most significantly, Dr. Bushman is one of the founders of Exponent II, a Boston-based magazine and now blog focused on feminism and women's issues within Mormonism. In this interview with Dr. Bushman, we learn what she means when she describes herself as a Mormon Feminist. She also recounts her involvement in the formation of Exponent II, as well as in the broader area of women's issues in the LDS church. To conclude, Dr. Bushman discusses her views on the critical role of women in the church today -- and how we, as a church, might work to better accommodate, and better utilize women in the 21st century.

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Any discussion of women in the LDS Church would be incomplete without first understanding a bit about the history of women more broadly within the context of 19th and 20th century America. Consequently, in part 2 of this multi-part series on Women in the LDS Church, we will hear from an LDS woman who also teaches women's studies at a division 1 university in the US. She will discuss the 3 major phases of feminism in the United States, trace its history from the mid 1800s to today, and will conclude with her own reflections about being an LDS woman in 2007. We hope that this will set the stage for the rest of the episodes on LDS women, and most importantly, we hope that you enjoy the discussion.
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This episode kicks off an multi-part podcast series on women in the LDS Church.
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Born to Sunstone and Dialogue - style parents, Nate Oman was raised to expect"messiness" within both the world, and his Church. After serving a mission in Korea and graduating from BYU, Nate attended Harvard Law School. During law school, Nate became one of the very first Mormon bloggers on the Internet, and is one of the founders of the juggernaut blog Nate is also a positive example of thoughtful LDS faith.
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At 6:44pm on February 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah -- an 18-year-old Salt Lake City resident and Bosnian immigrant named Sulejman Talovic entered Trolley Square mall with a shotgun and began a shooting spree. In the end, 9 people were shot, and 6 were killed, including Talovic himself. One of the witnesses to this event was Matt Lund -- father of 6 children, and member of the LDS Church. This is his story. Today on Mormon Stories.
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J. Bonner Ritchie thoughtfully discusses the nature of both organizations and individuals -- and how there must be a healthy tension between the two. He discusses the importance of paradox in a mature and faithful world view -- and provides invaluable tips on how to healthily remain a thinking member of the LDS church.
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John Dehlin offers some closing thoughts on his time with Brother Bushman, and Dr. Bushman himself provides some final musings on the challenges of dealing with tough Mormon issues. He then concludes with his testimony of Joseph Smith
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Brother Bushman discusses the historicity of the Book of Mormon, and the credibility of the 3 and 8 Witnesses to the Book of Mormon.
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