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Mark Pugsley is back in the house with John Dehlin and Gerardo Sumano to discuss the recent 60 minutes coverage of the current investigation into the Mormon Church's financial dealings. Do members deserve to know where their dollars go? Or do those details deserve to be kept secret?

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Please join John Dehlin as he hosts an evening to honor Podcast Host Bill Reel (and possibly his wife Amanda).  As you know, Bill is the host of Mormon Discussions podcast, and the co-host of Mormonism Live podcast.
At the main event (7pm in Alpine), Bill will provide a short speech, and a fun/live Q&A will be held as well.  A VIP event will be held at 6pm (with food) as well, for those wanting a little more personal time with Bill and John.  This is your chance to meet and thank Bill (and Amanda) for their roles in your Mormon journey!!!
All proceeds from this event will be donated to Bill and Amanda Reel.  Base ticket price is $10/person, but the system allows you to donate extra to Bill and Amanda if you so choose.  The VIP dinner is $30/person.
Please spread the word!  I would love nothing more to have a full room give Bill and Amanda a standing ovation for the important role they've played in Mormonism.
Click here to register for the event.  And please spread the word!
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