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The “THRIVING after Mormonism” project is an effort to profile thriving post-Mormons and progressive Mormons with the intent of providing tips, tricks, inspiration, and hope to those who are questioning and/or leaving Mormonism.

If you are a newly questioning/doubting Mormon, we want you to know know that:

- You are not crazy.
- You are not alone.
- You should not be afraid to doubt/question Mormonism.
- You CAN find healing, joy, and growth beyond orthodox Mormonism.

It is also a way for you to “bear testimony” of your truths and life choices as they stand today.

WHO: I am looking for a set of 100 post-Mormons and progressive Mormons to interview on Mormon Stories Podcast who would consider themselves to be thriving after leaving Mormonism (or Mormon orthodoxy). Not flawless….not perfect…..just thriving. When I say thriving, I mean overall healthier and happier than when you were active in the church.

HOW: I have put together 20 questions for THRIVING post-Mormons and progressive Mormons to reflect upon, and to answer. I have had numerous people tell me that the simple process of reflecting upon and answering these questions has been deeply therapeutic for them. Some have even wept joyful or grief-filled tears as they’ve gone through the process of answering the questions.

I hope to release at least a few profiles a week over the next 6-12 months.

Candidates for future Mormon Stories Podcast episodes will be culled from these profiles.

I hope to include these profiles in an upcoming book that I hope to write entitled: THRIVING: The Gift of the Mormon Faith Crisis.

Please submit your questions/answers if you are able/willing to do so!!!! I know that this project is going to help many people.

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