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In this revealing interview, you'll learn about the founding of the Widow's Mite Report and its project goals and methods. The conversation takes a deep dive into the Mormon Church's wealth and how it mishandles funds taken from the poor to fund its massive investment accounts. You'll hear about whistleblowing within the church, sources used, and why all the secrecy about church investments.

With only six church leaders having full access to Ensign Peak, discover why the church downplays its wealth and only claims to be financially self-reliant. This interview offers eye-opening insights into the LDS Church's finances and its treatment of the poor.

SEC Order Against Ensign Peak Advisors & The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

If people want to help they can call the Senate finance committee and urge them to take action and have a hearing on this issue.

Senate Finance Committee phone: 202-224-4515

Senate Finance Committee fax: 202-228-0554

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