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Martine, a Belgian convert to Mormonism, shares what growing up in Belgium was like and how she and her sister end up converting to Mormonism. She eventually made it to the United States to attend General Conference and get her Patriarchal Blessing when her sister decided to serve a mission. Due to connections with several families of missionaries, she finds a job as a nanny and eventually makes it to BYU where she is reintroduced to Stuart, whom she'd briefly met as a missionary in Belgium.

Though he hadn't known her well, Stuart instantly recognized Martine at a Young Single Adult (YSA) activity and things took off from there until he asked her to be with him for eternity. Martine happily accepts this proposal from an established, generational Mormon returned missionary. However, the engagement is soon jeopardized by challenges between Martine's desire to follow the brethren's admonitions not to put off having children (and wanting a dozen of them!) as the quintessential Mormon housewife with Stuart's practicality regarding his ability to financially support children while still having several years of school left.

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